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About The Nutritional Mix

People often ask ‘What is the optimal nutritional mix needed for health and vitality?’ Well..… there isn’t a standard answer. We are all unique individuals and our requirements are always going to be different. What works for one, doesn’t work for another because of a multitude of factors including our biochemistry, age, lifestyle, genetics, and current health status. 

As my client, I will focus on understanding the underlying causes of any of your symptoms and illnesses and question why these issues are happening. We will look at how we could improve the nutritional mix from the diet as well as how to promote effective absorption and utilisation of these nutrients internally. We will work through a detailed assessment, which may include some laboratory testing, and then devise a personalised plan. Short-term therapeutic supplements may be included if there is a need for them.

I believe that food is an enjoyable part of life and that we should be nourished rather than punished. Your plans should be achievable and affordable.

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