After following Eleanor’s advice I learnt by changing some food choices and using some simple supplements to replace minerals that were depleted by the medication I take, and to eat or drink certain foods at different times of the day than I was used to. I now have more energy, sleep better and feel less anxious. These are all things which have made a big contribution to relieving the stress I was feeling in my day to

day life.

— Michael, London

Eleanor came highly recommended by a friend of mine and my sessions with her were invaluable. She has a very caring and non-judgemental approach, putting me at ease immediately. All Eleanor’s advice was easy and fun to implement and she made every effort to understand me and my lifestyle in order to make recommendations that were tailored to me. Eleanor’s approach was truly holistic in that she even recommended lifestyle improvements alongside the nutrition advice. We worked together to reduce inflammation related to joint pain and sugar cravings and I believe Eleanor’s guidance has enabled me to return to high levels of activity. Being able to achieve these results just by modifying my diet is wonderful

— Sigi, Surrey

The nutritional mix needed for health and vitality is unique for each of us. Work with me to discover how to optimise your nutritional mix.